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Cleaner Concentrate, 1 gal
Bottle, Lemon, 4/Carton

Kills Staph, Strep,
Salmonella and other
harmful germs on hard,
nonporous surfaces.

Use on walls, floors,
sealed wood, restroom
fixtures and surfaces,
garbage cans, cabinets,
glazed tile, enamel and
glazed porcelain.

$17.58 each Gallon =64 gallons 
       of Lysol cleaning power
IN STOCK includes 32 oz sprayer and measuring cup!
This economical, concentrated formula makes up to 64 gallons (1:64)
Dirt Types :  Bacteria,Viruses,Germs,Dust,Grease,Grime,Dirt
Chemical Compound Diethylene Glycol Monobutyl Ether
Applicable Material:  Ceramics,Cement/Concrete,Enamel,Fiberglass,
Finished/Sealed Wood,Laminates,Metal,Plastic,Sealed/Engineered Stone,Vinyl
Country Of Origin: US
In Stock products, today June 4, 2020 storeroom supplies for business
prices are general guides please call for quote

Cleans, disinfects,
deodorizes and kills
99.9% of bacteria on
hard, non-porous
surfaces when used as

Convenient, ready-to-use
trigger spray cuts through
tough grease and grime.
$4.50 per bottle or
12 for $52.79

Dirt Types:
Based Soil,Organic
Matter,Smoke Film,Soap
Scum,Water-Based Soil

Finished/Sealed Wood,
Multi-Surface Disinfectant
Degreaser, Herbal,
32 oz Spray Bottle

When used as directed on hard,
non-porous surfaces,
kills 99.9% of viruses and bacteria.

One product to streamline your
cleaning processes.
Removes 100% tough soap scum
and grease.

Leaves a pleasant scent.
Multi-purpose daily cleaner.
Cleans, disinfects and deodorizes
kitchen and bath hard, non-porous

Cleans appliances, refrigerator
exteriors, dishwasher exteriors,
countertops, cooktops, stovetops,
oven exteriors, bathroom fixtures,
sinks, showers, toilets, floors and
siding. Kitchen countertops and similar,

food contact surfaces must be rinsed
with clean potable water following

.Use on stainless steel, chrome,
aluminum, bronze, brushed
nickel, sealed granite, sealed
marble, quartz, acrylic,
fiberglass and tile.

32 oz Spray Bottle, 8/Carton
$27.50 per case

gallons also available call for quote
.Ready-to-Use All-Purpose
Cleaner, Lemon Breeze,
32 oz Spray Bottle
No-Rinse Sanitizing
Multi-Surface Wipes,
White, 175/Container,

Single-use, disposable
wipes for easy cleaning
and sanitizing.
Pre-measured with
sanitizing solution.
No more buckets and
dirty rags.

Prevent crosscontamination and
protect against
foodborne pathogens like
E. coli and salmonella.

Convenient way to
sanitize, one wipe at a
$45.99 PER CASE
4 ply activated charcoal mask individually wrapped with moldable nose bridge and 3 ply surgical mask wrapped in packs of 10  and vinyl gloves all in stock call for a quote 
Tolco manual fill wall mount  bulk universal dispenser for 
soap or hand sanitizer!!
Dial anti-microbial soap gallon refills and hand pumps in stock   call for a quote
Starco Star-San Gel Instant Hand Sanitizer, Gallon, Each
Product SKU: STA18623EA

70% Alcohol instant hand sanitizing gel 
Kills 99.9% of most germs within 15 seconds
Contains skin conditioners like aloe to protect hands from drying out
Helps reduce the risk of cross contamination at times when you are unable to wash with soap & water
Leaves hands smooth, clean & refreshed
Intended for frequent use between routine hand washing
Use anywhere hand sanitizing is needed
Made in the USA
Demonstrated effectiveness against a broad set of viruses as long as CDC guidelines for handwashing and hand hygiene are followed.
Pleasant scent
Gallon bottle
Sold as each
Starco 18623 Star-San Gel Instant Hand Sanitizer
call for a quote 
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Gallon pumps available!!
vinyl gloves  6.25 a box of 100 or call for a quote!
Sanitizing Hand
Wipes, 6 x 6 3/4, White,
270 Wipes/Canister
Large, durable and
textured wipe removes
light soils and dirt
from hands.

Kills more than 99.99%
of most common germs
that may cause illness.
Convenient for use
whenever soap and
water are not available.

Ideal for offices,
restaurants, health
clubs or anywhere
germs may be.
49.50 per case .
Made in USA
Hand sanitizer gel
4 gallons per case
$30.50 per gallon
each case comes with a Gallon pump and a 32 0unce trigger spray
to deliver a dime size of fresh smelling moisturizing gel.
3 shelf chrome finish steel station $39.50 assembled
total: $161.50 delivered and its a one a done!
also available in gallons